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UNIVERSITY PEAK, ANT – What has been in France, Switzerland, the USA, Germany, Norway, Italy, Austria, Japan, Canada and Jugoslavia, but not the most wintry place on Earth? The Winter Olympics.

"There simply is no better place for the Winter Olympics than Antarctica," says Belinda Baxter-d'Urville, UANT's professor- cum-spokeswoman in the International Olympic Forum. Antarctica's bid for the 2018 Games of the XXIII Olympiad are being weighed at the moment, and though no authorities have made the announcement for an official bid, the UANT campus is awash in anticipation. Exective Vice President of the University D. Ray Morton was glad to hear the news, "I am sure that we will get it. How could they [the Olympic Committee] not vote for Antarctica? It has never been here, in fact, it has never been in the southern hemisphere. We have all the natural resources, and could easily use the Icebox Stadium along with the ball field to host the inside sports, like figure skating. We have all that here, so why not?"

Lason Hall decorated with an Olympic banner

The 2010 Games were held in Vancouver, Canada and the 2014 games in Sochi, Russia. "With global warming a fact of life now," lamented Morton, "it just seems a matter of time before the Winter Games have to be held here anyway, so why not invest in the infrastructure now?" Some students are not so sure. Mikla Sorgensberg found more than one reason the Olympics should not come to the southern land, "All those people coming to University Peak, where most of the games would have to be held, would bring pollution as well. I can imagine broken bottles everywhere and all those people in the thermal lakes. It's not a good idea." The Olympic Committee asks that Antarctica make up its mind on a bid by next spring."

The UANT sponsored run for an Antarcica Olympic Bid is in its formative stages, but be sure to register your opinion via campus email, send correspondence to Belinda Baxter-d'Urville.

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