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 Online Degree Programmes  

MAA in History-Culture-Space Studies
Students complete 120 ACTS points in up to 9 trimesters - the programme can also be completed in approximately a year or two by students willing to study intensively. Offered in cooperation with the Scott, Shackleton, Ross and Amundsen Colleges, the MAA in History-Culture-Space Studies is UANT's most popular programme. It is a triad of three unified topics woven together into a comprehensive whole. Graduates take with them a unique knowledge of the human past, present and future.

AAA in Antarctic Studies (coming soon)
This programme is offered in cooperation with the Robert Falcon Scott College of Antarctic Studies and the Byrd Business College. It consists of 60 ACTS, and takes a year to complete. The programme is designed to provide an advanced understanding of the Antarctic to those wishing to deepen their knowledge and to prepare for a career in Antarctic affairs.

AAA in Visionary Education  (coming soon)
This programme is offered in cooperation with the Arctowski College of Education - the programme is designed for those who want to understand how to make a difference in the world by teaching the great vision of Tsiolkovsky's Imperative and a positive human future on Earth and throughout the circumsolar sphere. It is based on the philosophy of "Education for Conquest."

Apply for these programmes - deadline July 15


Colleges and Courses of Study (on-campus only)

All of our degree programs are available in the traditional on-campus format. The possibilities at AU are wide-ranging and diverse for students who make the trip to the University Peak campus. Although our remote and desolate location unfortunately precludes a vibrant student body from arriving and studying with us on Antarctica, many of those traditional students who have studied here remain, and are stationed even now at various posts around the continent. Current students travel to and from our satellite campuses.