Rahim Blak







The Antarctica Institute of Hip-Hop Culture is proud to sponsor

Rahim Blak's next Folia Concept Club Presentation / Exhibition:


 There is no art, only Rahim Blak



 School Diploma

 Rahim Blak Concourse

 Rahim Blak Tatoo

 A Rahim Blak Christmas


Perhaps the most famous artist with Antarctic ties working today, the Rahim Blak

phenemenon has been presented in all the multifasceted ways below:

Folia Concept Club:   http://www.foliaclub.pl/          Exclusive Article:   http://www.exklusiv.pl/

Gallary Nova:   http://www.nova.art.pl/szczegoly.php         Section Article:   http://sekcja.org/miesiecznik.php

Section Article Part Deux:   http://sekcja.org/miesiecznik.php             Krakow City Gazette:   http://miasta.gazeta.pl

Business Architecture Journal:   http://www.architekturaibiznes.com.pl                Political Criticism:   http://www.krytykapolityczna.pl