A Covenant with the Future?



Yesterday's Visions of Tomorrow



"How will the conquest of space progress?" For over sixty years, the question has been asked. When it came to be apparent that such a future might take place, sure to change utterly the way earthlings interacted with their universe, all was up for grabs. As the fifties went on, rocket missiles, ICBMs and the satellites launched at the end of the decade helped focus the thinking.

As the sixties and seventies propelled the U.S. and the world to amazing new vistas and landed man on the moon, visionaries and the founders of the space program saw some of their grand speculations turned into reality. With the onset of the eighties and the shuttle program which has formed the backbone of NASA for the last thirty years, other visions were realized. Many, of course, were not. So, which of the great visions of ages past have amounted to something? Are there any still in their infancy but coming true today? And which have been abandoned or superseded? Can the imaginings of sixty years ago show us a way forward?

This site will review them, and their original intentions, to find out. Its purpose is to promote the idea that these pictures represent a covenant we have with the future we want. Ladies and gentlemen, there was never a better time to say as a citizen, no matter your country, "This future is in my hands," as by all accounts, the current dysfunctional future is being decided by conflicting aggressive visions, or by the empty hole presently inhabiting the place where a vision should be.

Asking, "How will the conquest of space progress?", therefore, is the same as asking, "What kind of future is there in store for us?" And that depends, totally and radically. So hit the express and let's see why it is time

...to turn yesterday's science fiction into tomorrow's reality!