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To our common meme.


One that's been synthesized from the mystical chords of memory of a billion collective minds over 5,000 years.


One that embodies Jerusalem's spirit, Athens' creativity and Rome's order.


One that merges the Westphalian state system with Enlightenment reasoning and favors American-style free enterprise.


One that, as a collective expression, stands like a leviathan against the oscillation, indifference and scintillating power of our cosmic reality.





The Conquest of Space, 1949

Across the Space Frontier, 1952

Conquest of the Moon, 1953

Exploration of Mars, 1956

Beyond Jupiter, 1972

Man's Conquest of Space, 1973

The Grand Tour, 1983

Out of the Cradle, 1984

In the Stream of Stars, 1990

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Compiled by Dawid Gwiazdor

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