Myth: Consumerism is bad.

Reality: Consumerism is key to social and cultural evolution

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 Myth: Bacteria are dumb and inconsequential.

Reality: Bacteria have networked together and reworked the surface of our planet

More: Howard Bloom's article, "The Power of Group I.Q."


 Myth: Sustainability is essential to protect the environment.

Reality: Only by acting and reacting against nature can we hope to survive in it

More: Howard Bloom's article, "Screw Sustainability (and Cheer Up About it!)"


 Myth: Human beings have no business moving into space to build cities and colonies.

Reality: We have no choice but to do that! There is an evolutionary mandate to consider.

More: Howard Bloom's article, "Mother Nature and the Evolutionary Mandate"


Myth: These United States do not have a crisis of vision.

Reality: They do. And with 70% of Americans thinking we are headed in the wrong direction- what can be done?

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