The Future of Phobos...


Ultimately, the Mars system is a critical foothold for humanity into the cosmos. After a base is prepared and regular Earth-Mars routes are established, supply lines begun and services rendered, Mars expert Robert Zubrin speculates convincingly that man's conquest of space will have passed a critical phase- and the momentum would be there to continue.


Let's get the snowball rolling NOW by contacting congressmen and senators, being sure to tell them we want our space... and equally sure to tell them why. Does our future as a species depend on it? Absolutely.


This spectacular piece, in which Mars has begun the process of terraforming (notice the wisp of the clouds, the emerging vegetation and the running water), is by British artist David Hardy. In it, Mars' majesty adorns Phobos base. But this is a majesty that has also to be touched.


It's time to go, right now- not only to Phobos, but to Mars itself...








David A. Hardy;