The bottom line





 is that


 going to want to



and get their kicks, on Route 66:


What made Route 66 the place for thrills, for kicks? For fun and tricks?


Advice is free:


If you ever plan to motor west

Travel the interplanetary highway that's the best


Get your kicks, on E-M Route-66.


It winds from the planet Earth right down to Mars, at least 36 million miles but without any cars


Get your kicks, on E-M Route-66.


Now into orbit you blast, left at the station

Oh escape velocity, man your really fast!


You spy Aldrin base,

A freighter's giving chase,

Now you've got your pace

Good golly you're in space!


Won't you get hip, to this timely tip,

When you make this Red Planet trip...


Get your kicks, on EM Route-66...


Of course, if Robert Zubrin's great ideas in, Entering Space hold water, E-M Route-66, terminating in this fantastic Ron Miller image, will only be the first leg of a much greater journey.