Develop Crew Exploration Vehicle (Orion) by 2008

Develop new rocket Ares I

Develop new heavy lift rocket Ares V

Explore Moon with robotic spacecraft (L.R.O.), 2009

Complete Int'l Space Station by 2010

Retire Space Shuttle by the end of 2010

Conduct human spaceflight missions 2014

Pursue commercial transportation to support ISS (2014-on)

Return to the Moon by 2020 through Project Constellation

Explore Mars by unmanned spacecraft

Explore Mars with manned missions after 2030






























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Abandon Project Constellation's Ares I and Ares V rockets in favor of subsidized private sector development of new rockets

Extend ISS lifespan to 2020

Develop new space-propulsion systems

Abandon return to the Moon in favor of manned mission to near-Earth asteroid c. 2020

Manned mission to Mars after 2030


















































TODAY- abandon the cost of the Ares vehicles while continuing to use cheaper existing technology: the Delta IV heavy lift rockets and Atlas V satellite launchers along with the already developed Orion spacecraft

Internationalize the 'Back to the Moon' drive by initiating a consortium with China, Russia, Europe, Japan and India to share the costs and the benefits and establish a trajectory of cooperation

Stretch the shuttle flights five more years to 2015 (one flight per year)

Complete by 2015 a next generation XM spacecraft, using existing parts and technology, and lifted into orbit by the last shuttle mission in a gala event, for long duration flights- and begin testing it at ISS

Flyby mission to Comet Wirtanen by the XM in 2018, when the comet is in position for a visit- with the goal of discovering material on it from the birth of the galaxy

2019 or 2020 landing on Asteroid 2001 GP2 using the XM spacecraft with resource analysis and soil return

Develop reusable multi-purpose spacecraft able to land n runways and exploration modules to cylce back and forth between Earth and the new site of the Lunar consortium landing c. 2020

2021 mission to Asteroid Apophis, famous for being the one that will make a very close approach to Earth in 2029 and especially in 2036

Manned landing on Phobos c. 2025 to prepare a base from which to sent robots to the Martain surface that will construct and prepare a site in anticipation of the first human visitors c. 2035

Manned landing and permenant habitation of Mars c. 2035