This is a city in


Outer Space



Appearing in 1952's, Crossing the Space Frontier, this space station, first theorized by Tsiolkovsky in the early 20th Century, is becoming a permanent settlement in space.


While it may act as a science station, military outpost or refueling point like a regular station ala ISS or Mir, this one by Bonestell assumes the character of an urban hub.


Designed by Von Braun and his team, it has remained the standard.


Looking closely at its center, there is a next generation space taxi leaving berth. Workers are on the outside as well in the foreground. According to Bonestell, Von Braun and Ley, this station is 1075 miles above the Pacific Ocean with Central America below. The area visible from the station is a circle with a diameter of 6000 miles.


Cities in space as envisioned 50 years ago were the ultimate expression of human technological willpower, know-how and adaptability. In some ways, that hasn't changed.