"Oh honey, look at the view!...


Can you find them? In this view, from Colonies in Space, a couple enjoy meandering down the side of the habitat, while birds make their way to and fro. Birds?!?


Visible from Earth with the naked eye, such a habitat would help humanity see itself as one great miracle of nature, and each other as a part of that wonder.


Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, sees humanity fixing its current crisis by seeing in each other exactly this, in his, "The Dignity of Difference."


Providing a universalizing frame for understanding people different than you, with the aid of the ultimate common ground of space development, and the unifying factor of a new common frontier, perhaps it is not too late to break down barriers between all the thousands of groups people still classify each other into.


In any case, as much as earthlings can enjoy the prospect of cities in the sky, there is something inside pushing for more: a manifest destiny throughout the Solar System.


And for our first steps to THAT greatest of visions, there is some doubt now as to when it might happen. But, there is no doubt as to where...